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Frequently Asked Questions.

About Us

Why chose our services?

We don’t just re-write resumes, we dig for skills, uncover potential and make sure you stand out by providing a product that is just as unique as you. Let’s start off by explaining the typical hiring system, which is time consuming and sometimes even frustrating for employers. Job listings attract on average 250 applications, a fairly small number when compared to the 45 million resumes that are on Career Builder and the 414 million members LinkedIn reported in the fourth quarter of 2015.

What can I expect from My Professional Guide?

My Professional Guide is focused on your success. Our team of expert resume writers and creative designers have one goal in mind: to help you land that job you want so much. We will provide you with the tools you need to be confident and ready for your big interview.

Who writes my resume and how qualified are they to do so?

We are licensed resume writers, with years of experience in all facets of the hiring process. We know what employers look for in candidates and how to best market these skills and qualifications. An introductory call is important for our team because even though you might be an expert in your profession we are seasoned recruiters and have deep insight in the field of employment.

What is your strategy to help me get hired?

Our strategy is designed to get you funneled through these numbers. Your resume will be anything but ordinary; we will create a unique design that will surely catch the reviewer’s visual attention. Interest is then sparked by content, preferably the content the employer is looking for. We will conduct research prior to our first conversation to load ourselves with what your potential employer is looking for.

How long does the process take?

The entire process takes approximately two weeks. Your resume writer and designer will take a week to gathering information and developing your resume. The second week consists of feedback and communication to ensure that your satisfaction with the finished product.


What does My Professional Guide Do?

My Professional Guide will prepare your custom-designed resumes, cover letters, thank-you letters, and even your LinkedIn profile. Everything will arrive via USPS® mail in a high-quality, executive portfolio (based on the package you selected).

What is an introductory call?

You will be prompted to schedule a call with your resume writer once we receive your completed questionnaire. Your writer will then contact you at your preferred time to ask questions very similar to the ones employers use to dig deep for skills and competencies. We want to make sure nothing is left out or overlooked in this process.


Our team understands that some of our customers will have schedules that might make this meeting difficult therefore, this is an optional step but still highly recommended.


Your writer is also capable of providing a suitable document and well finished product without having to establish this personal connection. We want to make sure we make this process as individual but also as convenient as possible.

Will I receive two different resumes?

Yes! You will receive two versions of the same document:


  • Traditionally structured– Use this resume for online applications. These platforms pick up key words from your resume, application systems can easily read wordy documents but can sometimes miss information from documents containing images or artwork.
  • Modern designed – Application systems usually have the option for uploading additional documents this where you would add your unique resume. Once a connection is established make sure the recruiter or hiring manager has this in their possession. Also, be sure to bring it with you on interviews, your will have three professionally printed copies in your possession after the project is finished.


* Both of these documents are emailed to you digitally.

Will I Receive An Executive Portfolio?

Yes, you will! Every order comes with a high-quality executive portfolio that has: a pocket to keep all your important documents organized and secure, an area to hold a writing pad, plus a holder for your pen. Now you are ready for your interview.

Do I need a picture?

No! There are resume designs that don’t require a picture.


However, young professionals are now taking headshots to include in their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Being able to put a face to the experience makes the hiring process feel more personal for most employers.


My Professional Guide is all about giving options. If you do have professional headshots we definitely recommend you share this it with us and it will be incorporated in your design.

Online Resumes

What is an online resume?

Online resumes are readily accessible with just one click for any employer or potential business partners to view. This is a platform we decided to offer with our creative professionals in mind, it is truly a great way to exhibit projects like that of reels for our assistant producers, blueprints for our architects & engineers and marketing material for our advertising professional.


It is a way of not only introducing yourself but also adding your own flare to the World Wide Web.

What does an online resume look like?

Click here for MR. Smithcamps v-card (the fictitious marketing executive, who inspired our site)


Your online resume will contain the same information that was used to construct your resume.

Alongside projects, pictures, videos or any other fun fact you would like to add.

How do I access my online resume?

With just one click!


Your online resume will be hosted on My Professional Guide’s secure server at no additional cost. Of course our ready to view v-card link will be provided upon completion.

What if I want to make changes to my online resume?

You can always count on our designers to provide updates and add-ons to your online resume. However, if you would like to make changes after you have all already approved and our team has officially finished the project additional charges will apply.


This will take additional effort and time from our team and our designer will charge based on time spent making these additional modifications.


Average rate is $30/hr.

Help & Support

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final. However, our team will ensure that you are satisfied with the final product, there are several revisions included in each resume packages.

What about career coaching and guidance?

We know how looking for employment, searching for your first serious role or simply making a career change can make anyone feel uneasy. Our writers and designers would love to share tips and tricks for the applications process and friendly advice after getting to know you FREE OF CHARGE, this is a relationships building business and we thrive on seeing our professionals succeed.


Our team is also dedicated to featuring content and also internally blogging about all kinds of beneficial topics to not only help you decide on long term goals but also facilitate daily career objective and responsibilities.


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